Friday, June 03, 2016

Do you have something relevant, witty and maybe a bit controversial to say?

IAOP is searching for guest bloggers!

Our PULSEblog features in-depth coverage of the industry, issues, trends and includes thought leadership and probing C-level guest bloggers; as well as exclusive and insider coverage of IAOP events, programs, awards, research, training and certifications and surveys.

PULSE connects you and your company with more than 120,000 of the world’s leading professionals in outsourcing and other collaborative business relationships today around the globe – customers from Fortune 500 companies, the world’s best service providers from all industries and leading advisors. Advertisers will gain access to the influential membership of IAOP – including deal-makers on the client side who are, on average, responsible for $60 million per year of outsourcing spending with some overseeing outsourcing programs in the billions of dollars.

PULSE is for dealmakers. More than half of IAOP’s members are C-level decision makers and more than a quarter are buyers. Providers represent more than 55 percent of our membership and advisors account for 16 percent of IAOP’s core base. Our readership and coverage is truly global and includes North America, Latin America, Europe, United Kingdom, Ireland, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Middle East, India, China and the Pacific Rim.

If you have something to say, email your relevant, current, witty, insightful, edgy and maybe even controversial post to to be a guest blogger.


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