Monday, May 23, 2016

#TrainingTrainingTraining - That's Right! The Training Edition of PULSEmag is Out!

At IAOP, our de facto training sets the bar and we've dedicated our latest issue of PULSEmag to #TrainingTrainingTraining!

Everything you want to know about IAOP's COP Master Class, Governance Training, getting certified and more is packed into this feisty issue of PULSEmag! Check it out today!

Training & Certification Has Come a Long Way 
A decade has passed since IAOP launched its Certified Outsourcing Professional (COP) program. Certification, the COP Master Class and Governance Workshops have attracted professionals of all ages and roles. While the foundation of the learning experience remains constant, the content continues to be refreshed to address technology and issues of relevance. Check out our training issue, here!

Fast Company: A Trio of OWS16 Stories
1) Automation: Speed of Adoption
2) Game Time: The Audience Wins
3) Memories: A Look Back in Photos

Hot Spot: Netherlands & Scandinavia: IT and Cloud Present Opportunities
With EOS16 taking place in The Netherlands this November, PULSE spoke with three industry experts in the region to get the scoop on the outsourcing industry in northern Europe.

Fresh Faces: Career Highs from our COPs
In this new column, we'll feature job promotions, achievements and other notables from the industry's Certified Outsourcing Professionals.

Tech Topic: As-A-Service --- Alignment, Innovation and Insight
A practical guide to begin the As-a-Service Journey.
Determining key outcomes is only half the journey. The real magic of As-a-Service comes with unlocking value by using the data and insights your operations yield to identify further benefits to your business, customers or product.


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