Wednesday, March 16, 2016

PULSEmag - The State of the Industry Edition - is Here!

Check out PULSEmag's State of the Industry Edition!

The State of the Industry Issue 
Race to the Top
Is there a race to implement SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud) technologies? Many service providers are already well down the track, but some clients are still waiting for the starting gun to go off. Others haven't yet figured out there is a race. Learn all you need to know about the State of the Industry.

Fast Company 
Robotic Process Automation
OWS16 Panelists Debate RPA ~ Lessons from the Field ~ Humans Keep Value-add and Judgment-based Work ~ Key Terms & Buzz Words ~ Live Audience Polling

Hot Spot USA 
Domestic IT Outsourcing In Demand
The US is an ideal location for multinational companies - not only as an outsourcing provider to other parts of the world but as an onshore, nearshore and rural shoring destination.

IAOP Awards 
The Industry Salutes Excellence
Collaboration has always been the hallmark of IAOP and nowhere was it displayed better than at the OWS16 Awards Luncheon, where individuals and teams of customers, providers and advisors, were recognized for their excellence, with numerous awards and recognition.

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