Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Excerpts from "Putting the 'Human' Back in HR"

How Viewing Employees as Customers Can Provide Greater Value

Today, when an employee wants to understand more about the programs, policies and processes related to maternity or paternity leave, there are many options to getting the information they need:
searching an employee portal, accessing a policy repository or coordinating directly with benefit providers.

Employees don’t think in terms of traditional HR functional silos, such as recruitment, learning, or payroll. They think in terms of key and impactful work/life events. Rather than having employees track down information from different departments inside and outside of HR, a focus on high-touch employee services offers a better way by providing thoughtful, end-to-end support.

Whether it’s for an employee who is transferring to an office across the country or a manager that is working to hire a new team member, the focus is on addressing personal and professional issues as seamlessly and efficiently as possible.

In the case of the employee going on maternity or paternity leave, the employee services-based approach addresses concerns and reinforces a feeling the organization has the employee’s best interests at heart. Meanwhile, the company maximizes the employee’s productivity before the employee begins their leave and improves the likelihood they will be engaged once they return.

While traditional HR processes supported by self-service technologies and HR functional expertise will continue to deliver the bulk of incoming employee inquiries, employee services will become
valuable as employees continue to bring their consumer expectations into the workplace. By viewing employees as customers who receive the benefits of personal, high-touch services during pivotal
“moments of truth,” companies can change employee and manager perceptions of the company while improving efficiency and productivity.

Read the entire article in the March/April 2015 edition of PULSE magazine.

Original article written by Jill Goldstein, Talent and HR BPO Offering Lead, Accenture


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